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Recentelijk zijn wij gestart met de productie van ondershoudsvrije ECO-blokken.

Binnenkort ook op deze site te vinden.
Tot dan kunt u aanvragen doen via de email of telefoon uiteraard.

Change of address: Starting October 1st, 2016 we are located in Medemblik:
Zeldenrust 9
1671 GW Medemblik


UB-Sails started 25 years ago producing sails, mainly for large Dutch traditional sailing vessels that charter inshore and offshore.
Because of a rapidly growing demand from private yacht owners, we invested in extending the loft and improving our production, capacity and software. Thus since ten years we have become an all-round sail making company.

UB-Sails has been one of the first companies that organized their actual sail production abroad. To enable this we have started already in 1988 a joint venture with BRYT Sails in Gdansk. Together we have expanded into a very modern and flourishing organisation under the label: United Baltic - Bryt - Sails: UB-Sails. Our team has remained very stable over these years, this) is part of our success. Combining vast experience, good work conditions and investing time in personal contact and attention with our customers has led to a wide variety of clients that we are dealing with. Whether you are the owner of a modern yacht, a traditional flat-bottom ship, schooner or Tall-Ship, we can supply and advice you.
We love the challenge to find a good solution for everybody and are always interested to assist with unusual questions or ideas.

Bryt sailmaking Gdansk
Hans van der Lee
Hans van der Lee, UB Sails
Who are our customers?

Although we closely follow the newest developments and have gained experience in producing sails made of high-tech laminates- and sails for demanding regatta-sailors, our main goal remains the sailors looking for a beautiful, good touring- or cruising sail in combination with a long life-span and a high-quality finish. Many "blue water sailor" choose for this reason for UB-Sails.
However, increasingly we provide sails for cruising racers and traditional Dutch flat-bottom sailing ships as Lemmeraken and skûtsjes who are also successfully racing.

Yacht Skutsje Europa

We only work with the best quality of cloths produced by internationally leading companies like Dimension-Polyant and Contender. These companies of course have their own internal quality-control and keep track of the production numbers (LOT-nrs) of all the cloth's they produce to guarantee the best possible results. Moreover they use the feedback from renowned sail makers all over the world that are using their cloths.

During the production of our sails the LOT numbers will always be attached to the individual sails so that we are always able (also after some time) to check for any failure in case of remarks and/or future problems.

polyant contender

Apart from the well-known and widely used and appreciated Pro-Sail design-software, we are using, for a couple of years already, a relatively new design-program: Sailpack.
Sailpack offers the possibility to study and visualize in advance in a 3-D simulation all designs. Also there are more tools available to analyse the designs and specifications in more depth and we are able to check the sail-configuration of the individual sails on board to avoid wear on stays and spreaders.

Designing however is not only a matter of just "pushing the buttons". To be able to make a proper design requires many years of practice and benefits from our own experience gathered during many miles of sailing in all weather conditions on various types of sailing craft.
Only when we are fully satisfied with the design, the information is send digitally to our plotter where the sail panels will be cut by means of a laser-beam. The final sewing and finishing of the sail however, will always remain a traditional handicraft skill that is done with passion and enthusiasm on our production floor in Gdansk.

Sailpack Sailpack
Sailpack design

We always try to calculate a good match between price and quality. But more important is the trust that you have in the person and company and the guarantee that you really get the service, quality and materials that you want. For this: UB-Sails is absolutely the best choice!


Although we always work with the greatest care, noticed problem night arise during the practical use of the sails. In such a case we will always try to solve this as good as possible.
We offer a standard guarantee period of 2 seasons on labour and materials providing the sails are used in a normal and judicious way. (See also our General Terms and Conditions)


Service and guarantee are of course also important and this part is managed by colleague Patrick van de Walle under the name: UB-Service. For this part please contact Patrick directly.


When your sails are getting a little older, surely some maintenance during the winter-period can extend the life of your sails and prevent unnecessary surprises during your holiday or longer journey.

Bring the sails (dry and clean) to Patrick immediately after your last trip and you can be sure that all is checked and fixed in time to enjoy your new sailing season.

Route SS: from Search to Sailing
  1. When requiring an offer we would appreciate to receive as much information as possible about your ship, your sailing-area and of course specific wishes and roughly the sail area you are looking for.
  2. Based upon this we will send you an offer by email.
  3. After acceptance of the offer we will make an appointment for measuring the sails on board or, alternatively, to measure your old sails here on our floor. The designs will be made according these measures and then also the final exact areas are known.
  4. Before we start the actual production you will receive the fixed price and finishing details to check and avoid misunderstandings.
  5. Also then, you will receive the usual 40% down payment invoice.
  6. When the sails are ready you will be notified in time and get the final invoice.
  7. Now (after previous appointment) you can collect your sails or they can be send to you against additional costs.
  8. Mount your sails and............cast off!

UB-Sails is a company that hardly advertises. So you will not find expensive full colour adds in glossy magazines. The only exception is the Dutch magazine "Spiegel der Zeilvaart", the trade journal of the Dutch charter vessels and classic boats where initially our "roots" stem from.
Our customers mainly come to us via "word of mouth" and of course increasingly via the internet.

Also you will not find us on Twitter, Hyves or Facebook. We are who we are and we stand for our quality: a No-nonsense company offering individual attention to all our clients.

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