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Recentelijk zijn wij gestart met de productie van ondershoudsvrije ECO-blokken.

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From the beginning we have been specialized in sails for Tall Ships, traditional sailing vessels and replicas. These ships vary in length from between 15 to 80 meters and they carry sail areas from 100 up to 2500 m2. The size of the individual sails can be anything from 10 to over 300 m2.
You will find many links here to ships that sail with sails of United Baltic Sails that have their own website.
More than 50% of all seagoing ships certified by and sailing under the rules of Register Holland, carry our sails.


Over the years we have made all kinds of gaff sails, square sails and staysails in many different sizes and shapes. We are still broadening our knowledge about these ships and their sails by regularly sailing with them and sharing the experiences of the owners and crew.
We are also constantly in contact with i.e. Polyant to develop and improve the cloths that are used for this specific type of ships.

Our standard
1. Design
All sails are stitched 3 times.
The panels are designed by computer and cutted on a plotting table. For this we use Prosail, a very advanced software package from New Zealand. We have added our long time experience in sailmaking for traditional sailing vessels and made the system even more perfect.
Gaffsails and square sails for example are a problem for most programs. We have managed to develop extra software with excellent results for these types of sails as well.
We prefer to cut the sails rather flat which gives good close to the wind performance. However, individual wishes can of course be honored.
2. Workmanship
All places sensitive to shaving are protected extra with leather. We pay special attention to the reinforcements, wherever necessary. Those places are constructed with many extra layers. In the sheet corners these might add up to 10 layers of cloth. Per m2 we use more cloth than other sailmakers. This contributes to a long lifetime and guarantees a good shape of the sails over the years.
Last winter we delivered approximately 13.000 m2 to Dutch and foreign traditional sailing vessels, many of them sailing as commercial passenger vessels.
We have produced sails for these ships now for over 25 years and have gained a reputation in the field of quality and reliability. This is of great importance for ourselves and our clients.
Some fine examples are the Clipper Stad Amsterdam "Stad Amsterdam" and the schooner "Eleonora".
3. Sailcloth
Our most important supplier of sailcloth is Dimension Polyant.
Polyant is certainly not the cheapest brand. However, we have chosen for the best quality. Polyant is market leader in sailcloth production and they have to maintain their good reputation. Their share on the world market is approximately 45%.
Together with Polyant we perform many innovations, especially on the thicker kinds of cloth. With Polyant we evaluate on a regular basis the quality of cloths they have supplied to us.
On the while we use the 480 gram, 600 grams and 640 gram cloths. These can be compared with respectively the 11,5 / 14,2 and 15,1 American ounce or 14,2 / 18 and 19,2 English ounce.
4. Cloth finishing
Sailcloth is offered in various types of finishing. Polyant gives them following codes: FT, MT, HT and HTP in increasing order of hard finish. So FT is the softest kind of finish.
Choosing the right finish is often a dilemma: Sails with a harder finish keep a better shape but in general last less long. For sails with a softer finish the revers is the case. However, a soft finish makes the sails easier and more comfortable to handle. Almost without exception, we use the FT finish for our sails.
5. Sheet corners
The most extreme forces working in a sail concentrate in the three or four corners. Apart from extra reinforcements we always use Rudgerson eyes here. These are expensive but by far of the best quality.
Especially in the sheet corners of the large gaff sails with a loose foot, we use many extra layers of cloth and additional reinforcements.
corner6.jpg corner8.jpg corner7.jpg
Examples of sheetcorners
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Individual advice

Of course we would be happy to share our all round experience with you and give you the best possible advice for the sails of various types of rigging.

Wooden blocks

As the existing blocks available on the market did not always suit our demands and those of of our clients, we started our own production of wooden blocks with stainless steel interior parts some years ago.
Apart from a good looking design we have put special attention to an extremely strong construction. Another important item is the that the type of construction allows really easy maintenance and safety checks. For more details see our page on wooden blocks and our portfolio.


Another item failing on the market was large enough and strong stainless steel hanks to be used especially to fix the staysails to the stays. We also produce them ourselves and many of our clients use these hanks. They last a lifetime, are self-securing, easy-mounting, easy-sliding and guarantee you will never have rusty spots in your sails again.


We are dealer of Leoflex "X" ropes. It has a classic look, very strong, is highly UV protected and easy to handle.
We have clients using this rope for years already sailing in all weather conditions from northern Europe all the way down to the Caribbean. For example the Clipper Stad Amsterdam and the barquentine Atlantis both use Leoflex "X" for their running rigging.


For maintenance and service we have our own sailing loft in Medemblik. Details of all sails delivered by us we store in a database so in case of problems we have all information available quickly.
We have in our loft a stock of spare sails of various dimensions which we offer on a temporary base to those ships that cannot wait for repair in case of larger damage. For new sails we have experience in transporting/shipping them worldwide.

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