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Recentelijk zijn wij gestart met de productie van ondershoudsvrije ECO-blokken.

Binnenkort ook op deze site te vinden.
Tot dan kunt u aanvragen doen via de email of telefoon uiteraard.

In Medemblik we also have a fully equipped loft, where we do guarantee-work, maintenance and repairs. This department is runned by Mr. Patrick van de Walle as: UB-Service. UB-Service also makes various sail covers, (winter) tents etc.; important to protect your properties against the elements.

UB Service
UB Service

For the production of spray hoods and Bimini's UB-Service is cooperating with a small company in Enkhuizen called Zeilmakerij Joeri Daniel who is very much specialized in this specific area. This long time relationship guarantees easy communication and quality.

In addition UB-Service offers the possibility to have the sails washed and impregnated again. This work is done by the company Ultramar.

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